Let’s go Kidney!

Hi, everyone.

Welcome to the official site dedicated to all things associated with my life-threatening illness and quest for a kidney transplant!


It must seem kind of gruesome to sound so cheerful at a time like this, but I am overflowing with gratitude and love for all of you who have shown (or will show) support for my cause.

My condition is an idiopathic (that means they can’t find the cause) degenerative kidney disease called MPGN2. Despite taking good care of myself, these organs are about to fail, and I’ll need a kidney transplant as soon as possible in order to survive.

I would like to be here to take care of my very young daughter Zelia, my wife Carrie and myself. I would also miss all of you a ton!

Please feel free to tell your friends and neighbors about my situation and this website, and maybe they will be interested in helping. Or, perhaps it will inspire them to help someone else — or some other cause — out there in the great big world.

There will be new updates added to this site all the time on the various fundraisers, projects and benefit events that are being planned to help with my situation — so check back often, and please take part in any or all of them if you can.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love.

~ Keith Kozel

– – –
The photo above is courtesy Geoff L Johnson!


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