Keith Kozel is a longtime, beloved fixture on Savannah, Ga.’s arts, entertainment and culinary scenes.

As a singer and songwriter, he is known internationally as the energetic, charismatic frontman for alternative rock bands GAM, Superhorse, The Hall Monitor and the Foxedos.

As a painter and illustrator, his hand-drawn works have graced T-Shirt designs, concert posters and album covers.

As an author, his work has been published in an anthology by Simon & Schuster.

Keith Kozel, Savannah musician, and his family. Keith needs a kidney!
Keith and his family.

He is the proud parent of a one-year-old daughter.

Despite maintaining an extremely healthy lifestyle since childhood, for the past five years, Keith has suffered quietly with Type 2 MPGN, a degenerative kidney disease.

After more than 20 trips to both the esteemed Mayo Clinic and Emory Hospital, doctors are still unable to determine what caused this condition.

A debilitating stroke has left him with permanent vision impairment, and both of his kidneys are now in the final stages of failure.

Keith has recently been forced to leave his job of close to 25 years (as kitchen manager at Savannah’s famed downtown pizzeria Vinnie Van Go-Go’s) due to health and stamina issues.

He is now unemployed and requires dialysis and/or a kidney transplant to survive.

Educated estimates for the cost of Keith receiving the life-saving transplant he desperately needs (and for ongoing follow-up treatment and medications) hover between $300,000 and $400,000.

Only a tiny fraction of these costs are covered by his existing insurance, and without a massive outpouring of charitable donations, it is simply impossible for Keith to receive proper medical care.

Keith is one of the most versatile and talented individuals in Savannah. He exemplifies the sort of people who truly make this fabled city such a unique, eclectic and inspiring place to live, work and visit.

He is also someone who can always be relied upon to donate his time and talents to help others in our community.

His friends and family want him to live a long, fruitful life and to continue to be the wonderful neighbor, father, husband and creative artist we cherish and admire.

That’s why this website has been established.

It will serve as the official outlet for news of the many fundraising drives and benefit events we are currently planning — as well as for accurate information on Keith’s condition and progress.

So… If you have ever enjoyed a live concert or recording featuring Keith, we hope you’ll give generously.

And if you’ve ever enjoyed a slice of pizza or a calzone or a salad at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s over the past quarter century, it is not an exaggeration to say that Keith helped make that experience possible.

We hope you’ll give generously as well, and invite your friends who may have eaten at Vinnie’s over the years to do the same.

In all honesty, if every single person around the world who’s ever eaten at Vinnie’s were to donate just $5 through this site, that would instantly cover all of Keith’s medicals bills!

Please take a moment and share this website with each and every kind person you know — whether they are already familiar with Keith or not.

Every little bit helps, from both friends and strangers. 🙂

Please Note: A full 100% of the proceeds raised from this campaign will go directly to a dedicated bank account which is being set up specifically for Keith’s ongoing medical expenses. It is being overseen by Keith, his wife Carrie and his father Thomas Kozel.

On behalf of Keith and the entire Kozel family, thank you in advance for your interest, your encouragement and your kind and generous donations!

– Jim Reed & the #KeithNeedsAKidney Team

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